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Beginner photography course
Getting started with digital photography

This workshop is perfect for you if you...

  • you have bought a digital SLR camera or a system camera and you are still taking photos in automatic mode,

  • you don't know the settings of your camera,

  • can't do anything with the terms aperture, shutter speed and ISO,

  • want to create better pictures with your camera and enjoy photography

IMG_20200124_134209 (1).jpg

Wir wollen das!


The aim is for you to be able to operate your camera independently in manual mode after the course. We will cover the most important topics for getting started with digital photography step by step.

Content of the workshop

  • Basics

  • Lens science

  • Explanation of ISO value, aperture, shutter speed

  • Camera settings​ - finally take photos manually

  • Light measurement

  • Focus modes

  • Image design

Das brauchst du um mitzumachen

  • Dein Smartphone mit genügend Speicherplatz und Akku

  • Einen Partner oder eine Partnerin - es kann auch ein Freund oder Freundin sein

  • Lust auf ein paar Stunden voller Spaß und Aha-Momente

Secure your place

The course takes place from 10:30 a.m. to around 4:30 p.m./5:00 p.m. on one day

*Der Kurs hat eine Mindestteilnehmerzahl von 4 Paaren. Bei Nichtzustandekommen, erhältst du natürlich dein Geld zurück.

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