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Workflow & image editing
This makes it really easy from now on
You will receive one of my own presets for free with the course!
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This workshop is perfect for you if you...

  • You are looking for valuable tips and tricks for your image editing in Lightroom

  • Want to learn a simple workflow that saves you time and frustration

  • you your ganz personal image look with Wwant to create recognition value

  • If you want to grow beyond yourself and take your image editing to a new level

This course is particularly suitable for those new to image editing. But even as an advanced user, you can certainly pick up a tip or two that you didn't know yet.

Content of the workshop

  • 2.5 hours of learning material

  • Data management ​

  • Import and export your image files into LR

  • Basic image editing tools

  • Creating your own templates

  • You will learn to create your own and individual workflow for your image editing

  • Tips and tricks in LR

  • Applying a preset

  • Creating a slideshow


  • You will receive one of my own presets (see below)

What do I need for the course?

  • Something to write, something to drink and enough time for yourself

  • If you don't already work with Lightroom, you can use the trial version of Lightroom Classic for the course. You can find further information here:

  • Tip: Open Lightroom Classic at the same time to test what you have learned straight away

Your pictures can do more!


Image editing is an important part of photography. With your own image look, you stand out from simple hobby photographers and turn your images into something special.

In this course you will learn all the important (basic) functions of Lightroom and really useful tools to get the most out of your images. And that without any overlay. I'll show you how to create a natural image look and how you can save valuable time when editing. The online course contains 2.5 hours of learning material and is particularly suitable for beginners in image editing. But even those who are a little more advanced will certainly find some tools that will improve their workflow in the future.

Learn all content at your own pace with my online course

Lightroom Classic Onlinekurs



Bildbearbeitung & Workflow mit Lightroom Classic

Komplette Webinar Aufzeichnung mit 2,5 Stunden Inhalten


"Yesterday's course gave me great insights into a great workflow. And the white balance with the pipette is a total game changer 🤯👌" 

Jasminka / photographer / @jasminka_photography

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