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mind & soul meets wedding photography

Combine your photography business with the right mindset
and become a distinctive brand in the wedding industry!

Do you want to

  • Finally only work with your desired customers?

  • Be recognized as an independent brand?

  • Make more sales?

  • Want to be successful as a full-time photographer?

  • Want to create your own unique style?

  • Don't be afraid of what's coming and no longer leave your success as a photographer to chance?

  • Really touch your customers and build a permanent customer base?

  • Change and/or expand your portfolio?

  • Make your dreams and wishes come true?

  • Working with the best service providers in the industry?

  • Create with a lot of joy and passion instead of just coughing?

Secure your place

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Payment options:

In advance in a sum -> click onBook now or

Installment purchase -> clickhere.

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Workshop details

Duration: min. 10 hours

Venue: Brickworks No. 1, Gudensberg

Date: April 15, 2023

Investment: €799.00 per person (including 19% VAT) including meals, 2 presets from my current bundle, 30 minutes of 1:1 online coaching


The workshop is divided into 4 + 1 phases

  • Phases 1 - 4: Group workshop in one day

  • Phase 5: Follow up 1:1 online coaching

This is how you learn, step by step, everything you need for your success, your greatest possible & above all, sustainable growth as a wedding photographer.

Part 1 - Here you alone count

The first part is all about you. Because everything starts with you!

  • Where are you currently?

  • Where do you want to go?

  • What are your goals?

  • How do you achieve your goals?

  • Your why?

  • What are your values and what do they have to do with your business?


Together we will go on a journey to you to strengthen, position and develop your very own brandwrap.

Part 2 - The Real Secrets of Wedding Photography

In the second phase I share all my secrets from 8 successful years as a wedding photographer with you. You learn:

  • What really matters

  • How to build a permanent customer base

  • How to increase your sales

  • How you can now get inquiries from your absolute dream customers

  • How your ideal customers can really find you

  • A simple workflow that saves you time and generates more sales

  • Which tools are really helpful and can become your game changer

  • How to do proper marketing

  • How you can create real added value for your customers

  • Special: Photography + Filming - that's how it works

Part 3 - Make it simply WOW

In this section you will work with high-class service providers in the industry and make your portfolio a real highlight. You get the opportunity to photograph and film a very special style shoot with a bride and groom and an amazing concept. So you don't just go home with a suitcase full of valuable knowledge, but also with new pictures.


Concept & Decoration


Bridal wear

Hair & Make up


Part 4 - Workflow & image editing

Now that you have beautiful images in the box, in the last step you will receive valuable tips from me for a smooth workflow and your image editing. If you would like to get even more out of your images without making your images look overworked, then this part of the workshop is also a game changer for you.

Special: You get two of my most important presets with the course.

Part 5 - Exclusive 1:1 coaching

Approximately 4 weeks after the workshop, I would like to give you the opportunity to exchange ideas with me alone again. We talk about your experiences of the last few weeks, clarify possible and open questions and see how you can align yourself even more specifically in order to develop further.

Expect you

  • 30 minutes 1:1 online coaching via Zoom

What you should bring with you

  • You can operate your camera independently

  • ISO, aperture and shutter speed are no foreign words to you

  • You bring your own equipment such as a camera and lenses (at least a fixed focal length) with you to the workshop

  • You don't just want to initiate a superficial change, you want to create long-term change within yourself

  • You are open to new approaches

  • Photography is your passion

Ratenkauf Souligrgafi

If you have any questions about the workshop or would like to book the course with the “installment purchase” option, then simply write me an email with your request. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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