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Knowledge from experience

My journey as a wedding photographer began about 8 years ago. I have already been able to accompany almost 200 bridal couples on their journey. Many of them even last well beyond the wedding. I gained regular customers from once upon a time. A part-time job has become my main job.

Maybe you have similar goals or desires? Your passion for making (wedding) photography your main job. A job that doesn't feel like work, but makes your and your customers' hearts beat faster?


Maybe there will be a few stones, questions, doubts or fears accompanying you on your path. Maybe sometimes just that little bit of courage was missing.


 Because I know from my own experience how good it feels to make your dreams come true, I would like to share my knowledge with you!

In my free workbook you will learn seven important steps to successfully enter this very special bubble of your own as a wedding photographer and/or to develop yourself further.

Completely free of charge for you!


Don't you have enough yet? Would you like to learn more about wedding photography?

Then register for my wedding photography workshop on April 15th. You can find all the informationhere.

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